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Bird Control in Birmingham

Free your property from the damages of nesting visitors with the help of our specialist services. Ring Betapest Midlands Ltd for proficient bird control services available from our company based in Birmingham, West Midlands.

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Efficient Bird Proofing


Turn to Betapest Midlands Ltd for a sensitive bird management programme that will leave your business premises free of bird-related problems. Sit back and relax while our specialists lay down deterrents and bird netting solutions, which help to reduce nesting patterns for a wide variety of bird species, including: 


Canadian geese 

Betapest are Birminghams number one bird control company

Pigeon Pest Control Birmingham

It is important to note that all wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. However feral pigeons can cause serious health issues due to their droppings. Pigeons are also a nuisance nesting in your loft or on your roof and if left unchecked  can cause extensive damage to buildings.

Pigeon Proofing Your Solar Panels

When you were first thinking about having solar panels installed on your roof, it probably didn't cross your mind that you would be creating the perfect nesting site for pigeons on your property. Now, as their cooing keeps you awake at night, the mess is accumulating and flies and smells are becoming a problem you may be started to regret having them and doing your bit for the environment. 

Pigeons are increasingly taking advantage of the safety and protection provided by solar panels to provide a great nesting site. Help is at hand however, Betapest have an experienced team who can safely remove and proof around the panels to deny birds access. If you require advice or a quote please contact us and we will be pleased to assist. With a few photographs of the property we can normally provide you with a price estimate or alternatively we will be happy to arrange a visit.

Bird Management Solutions Birmingham


Bird Proofing Birmingham | Netting


Nylon netting is attached to a pre-tensioned wire rope framework. This produces a taut net that birds cannot pass through and also find unpleasant to land on. The framework is anchored using a variety of methods; most common is the use of masonry bolts or clamps, on occasions additional support structures may require constructing to accommodate the wiring. All framework components have a long life, however if necessary it can be constructed using solely stainless steel. Betapest use net colours that best match the underlying structure and we can also supply and fit fire retardant nets if such properties are required.

Bird and pigeon proofing buildings around Birmingham using nylon netting.

This is often an effective method in protecting large areas of a structure with minimal cost and labour. Unfortunately it can present access problems for window cleaners, painters or other maintenance workers, so its use should always be considered carefully as net removal and re-installation can be costly. Netting is particularly useful in preventing birds access to alcoves, recesses and balconies that can be difficult to protect with other methods. When viewed head on netting is unobtrusive, however if viewed from the side it becomes more visible and can obscure and detract from a structure’s attractiveness.

Bird Proofing Birmingham | Spikes


Spikes are aggressive looking steel or plastic projections, which make surfaces far less desirable for birds to perch or roost upon. They are usually constructed in the form of a long plastic base from which metal or plastic spikes stick upwards and slightly outwards. Attachment to the building is achieved by glue or by fixing directly into the surface material. Spike systems vary in size and robustness depending upon the type of bird they are designed to protect against, Betapest can advise you upon what you require.

A fitted barrier coil is very similar in structure to a slinky spring that has been stretched out and fixed in place. Coils perform in the same manner as spikes and are attached using similar techniques.

These commonly used methods provide a high level of protection and have long and effective lives. Spikes and coils are often easily visible from ground level; however we install them in a careful and tidy manner that dramatically reduces their negative aesthetic impact. Due to their flexibility they are ideal for small, irregular or uneven areas, and where other mechanisms are not appropriate or possible.

Effective bird management to buildings throughout the West Midlands.

Bird Related Health Risks


Put your trust in our highly skilled staff who are experts in bird management to clear your site of unwanted winged visitors. Have peace of mind during your bird control treatment as our specialists offer quality cleaning and disinfection services when removing hazardous bird waste. It is important you take steps to control your bird infestation for several reasons, including the following: 

Bird droppings contain bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens that lead to human illness

Bird nests cause drain blockages 
Bird nests cause chimney blockages

Bird droppings cause structural damage to buildings

Quick & Efficient Service


It’s never been easier to keep your home or workplace in top shape thanks to the bird control services on offer from Betapest midlands Ltd. Some of the sites and buildings that we will carry out our bird management services, include: 

Industrial factories and plants 

Apartment blocks 

• Shopping centres 
Railway stations

Contact Betapest Midlands Ltd for efficient pest control services in Birmingham that will leave your property clear of any unwanted visitors.
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