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Insect Control in Birmingham

Quick Response Wasp Control


It's never been easier to rid your premises of tiresome intruders.  Contact Betapest  for quick and efficient wasp control available from our Birmingham based company, providing a same day, guaranteed treatment for an upfront fixed cost.


Quality Wasp Nest Removal Service Birmingham


Turn to Betapest Midlands Ltd to take back your garden environment from your pesky and uninvited picnic guests. Count on our team of specialists to safely and efficiently remove your wasp nest with ease. Delight in a service that both rectifies your existing wasp infestation while preventing nesting in the future.


Insect Control


Look no further for the solution to all of your insect problems. You can rely on Betapest to use expert measures to safely and effectively remove these unwanted visitors. 

Whether you have been invaded by bedbugs, ants, fleas or cockroaches our specialist technicians have the knowledge and necessary resources to eradicate them.


  • Wasp nest removal

  • Ant treatments

  • Cockroach control

  • Textile pest management

  • Flea treatment

  • Bedbug eradication

Birmingham Bedbug Control & Treatment That Works

Bedbug infestations in Birmingham have been steadily rising over the last decade and new cases are identified in Birmingham on a daily basis. Bedbugs are well known as a challenging pest to get rid of and attempting to eradicate bedbugs from your property without professional help is usually futile. With bedbugs, it is important that you contact a professional that can work with you to eradicate the infestation.

Cockroach Pest Control Birmingham

Cockroaches are known carriers of disease, spread food poisoning, give off unpleasant odours and are thought to cause allergies in some people. They can quickly overwhelm your home and tend to be more active at night, when they come out to feed. Cockroaches are not easy to get rid of and can last without any food for up to three months and up to a month without any access to water. Taking steps to eradicate them quickly by a professional is essential.

Eradicating a wasp nest in Birmingham
Betapest are specialists in getting rid of unwanted wasps and insects.

Ant Control & Eradication Birmingham

Ants are a nuisance when they enter your home, common species like Black Garden Ants are not thought to carry disease and can usually be easily dealt with by a combination of liquid pesticide spray and bait stations. Occasionally, non indigenous species of exotic ant, such as Pharaoh’s and Ghost varieties can infest your property and getting rid of them can be more difficult. In order to get rid of one of these types of ant infestation you have to locate the nest and only by treating the source will you be able to eliminate ants from your home or business.

Reliable Fly Control Birmingham

As well as just being a general nuisance, flies in your premises may have more serious implications, posing a real threat to health due to their ability to transfer germs and disease and also the a detrimental impact they can have on reputation.


Put your trust in Betapest to maintain your workplace free from the risks posed by flies. Our surveyor can recommend and install a range of essential fly prevention products to ensure your premises are clear of these contaminating pests. Some of the products we supply include


A comprehensive range of high quality professional Electronic fly Killer units

Fly screens, curtains and chains supplied and fitted:


  • Electronic Fly Killer units (EFKs)™

  • Fly screens

  • Specialised curtains for windows and doors 

  • Specialist chains for windows and doors

Betapest Midlands installing a fly killer into business premises.

Fly Control Services


As part of our service contract with you we can keep detailed recordings of all fly activity on your site to ensure that the correct level of treatment is applied. Working together you can be confident that your facility or workplace will receive the care and attention it deserves to ensure a healthy environment is maintained and the standards you require are delivered.  Some of the fly control services that we can provide are as follows:


  • Manufacture and installation of fly screens for windows and doors

  • Supply, maintenance and service of Electronic Fly Killer units

  • Supply and installation of industrial curtains for external openings

  • Fly activity recording and analysis

  • Fly screen repairs

Contact Betapest Midlands Ltd for efficient pest control services in Birmingham that will leave your premises clear of all unwanted visitors.
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