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The Pest Control Name in Birmingham You Can Trust...

Providing an honest and trustworthy service is at the heart of our business, and we aim to fulfil this across all areas of the business.  Helpful and honest advice will be given, transparent pricing, thorough and appropriate on-site treatment and comprehensive customer support provided. To help achieve this all our staff are carefully selected and undergo high levels of training which is ongoing through membership to a continual professional development scheme. We always aim to provide the most effective, suitable and cost effective service in an open and honest way. We know that our regular customers recognise and value these qualities and we believe that our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable company has been important to the company's continuing success and growth.

Why Choose Betapest Midlands

The service offered by individual companies in most industries can vary considerably and pest control is no exception. The following points should be considered before appointing a pest control contractor:


  • The ability of the contractor to carry out a comprehensive survey and provide a clear quotation.

  • The provision and utilisation of an accurate, clear and detailed reporting system.

  • A high level of technical expertise with suitably trained technicians, surveyors and support staff with ongoing training evident by membership of all operational staff to a scheme for continual professional development.

  • Implementation and advice upon proofing and other preventative methods such as housekeeping, storage and waste disposal.

  • Compliance with legal regulations governing pest control and health and safety issues such as Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 and COSHH Regulations 1994.

  • Proof of adequate public liability and employer’s liability insurance cover.

  • Evidence of financial stability, length of experience in pest control and willingness to supply reference details of at list six existing clients.


The above criteria are key membership requirements of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) of which Betapest Midlands Ltd has been a full member since 1991.

For further information on choosing a contractor and other aspects of pest control please visit the BPCA website.

Contact Betapest Midlands Ltd for efficient pest control services in Birmingham that will leave your property clear of any unwanted visitors.
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