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Mole Pest Control Birmingham

Mole Control in Birmingham

The mole is part of the British natural fauna and is a fascinating little animal. With its extraordinary

tunnelling abilities and capabilities to shift large amounts of soil on a daily basis however, in some

situations its presence can be undesirable or damaging and control may be considered necessary.

If this is the case then Betapest are able to provide an appropriate service, with a fixed price to deal

with capturing a single mole or alternatively, the option of a free site survey, proposal and quote if

mole numbers are more extensive on your land.

Our control programs normally involve the laying of traps, and with many years of experience this

has become a fast and effective means of clearing moles from your land, with the price quoted

coming with a full satisfaction guarantee. The treatments we offer can be a one-off clearance or

where the risk of re-population is high an inspection and maintenance program may be more


For those preferring control using non-lethal methods there may be options available and we are

happy to discuss these with you when you call.


For advice on mole control or to arrange a visit please contact us

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