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Dependable Rodent Control in Birmingham

Look no further for the quick solution to your troublesome pest infestations. Call Betapest Midlands Ltd for dependable rodent control services available from our company based in Birmingham, West Midlands. 

Rid Yourself of Rodents


Put your trust in our specialists to quickly rectify your distressing rodent infestations. Delight in a first-class pest control service in Birmingham that will both clear your home of infestations while preventing future difficulties. If you think you have rats, mice or squirrels plaguing your property, call us today to resolve the problem. 
Sit back and relax while our fully trained technicians create the perfect treatment plan for your infestation. Be assured that we use environmentally friendly methods to remove your vermin, with baits and traps to properly proof the property.


Some of the benefits of our rodent control services include:


  • Prevention of storage loss and contamination 

  • Prevention of disease transmission 

  • Prevention of crop damage

  • Prevention of structural damage to buildings and interior property features 

  • Prevention of mess 

  • Prevention of unwanted noise

Setting traps for unwanted rats and mice.
Laying bait to catch rats and mice

Mice Control Birmingham, West Midlands

Mice are generally nocturnal and the first signs you might find if you a new resident is a scampering sound at night coming from your loft or cavity walls. Also you might find evidence of their droppings (about the size of a grain of rice) in your kitchen or gnawed boxes in your cupboards.  

Rat Control Birmingham, West Midlands

Rats have become a major problem in Birmingham and other big cities and are known to spread a wide variety of diseases in both residential and commercial properties. If you have a rat infestation it all most certainly be the brown rat and the black rat is extremely rare and only found in small pockets of a couple of areas in the UK. Rats carry numerous bacteria and diseases including salmonella, weils disease, typhus, ring worm can also damage property by gnawing at wood, electrical wiring, water pipes and drainage systems.

At Betapest Midlands we can eradicate your rat infestations within 14 days and put previsions in-place to deterrent their return.

Squirrel Control Birmingham, West Midlands

Although they look cute and cuddly the grey squirrel can cause significant damage to local wildlife and your property. Chances are if you live near a park or green spaces you will have occurred problems caused by the grey squirrels. Squirrels usually nest in trees and can cause havoc in your garden by digging up your lawn, eating birds eggs, killing small birds, damaging plants and trees by stripping their bark and buds. Even worse, if squirrels nest in your loft they can be more destructive then both rats and mice. They are extremely noisy and chew through loft insulation, wood, paper and wiring, squirrels have be found to have caused many house fires by chewing through electric cabling.

Contact Betapest Midlands Ltd for efficient pest control services in Birmingham that will leave your property clear of any unwanted visitors.
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