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Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Birmingham

Solar panels attract birds quite easily due to the space that exists under your solar panels and roof. They create a perfect space for birds to roost and nest under the solar panels. Bird, pigeon or gull proofing your solar panels can save on long-term cleaning costs and damage caused by nesting birds. Bird droppings can affect the ability of the panel collecting the light they need in order to generate electricity as well as being corrosive to the panels.


Here at Betapest, we use the mesh system attached by UV resistant clips to secure your solar panels from nesting birds. Professionally installed mesh that is designed specifically for use with solar panels is a proven and effective way of stopping birds from accessing the area below the panels. The ventilation remains unaffected so the panels can function efficiently. Correctly-installed, the mesh will not compromise the manufacturer’s warranty.

We’ve helped thousands of homes throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands to permanently stop pigeons from nesting under their solar panels.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing
Bird Proofing Solar Panels Birmingham

Free Site Survey

Are you based in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Tamworth or one of the surrounding areas? We conduct free site survey’s for all of our solar panel bird and pigeon proofing throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to discuss your requirements and get expert advice.

Once birds have moved in they create a build-up of nesting materials, feathers and droppings which can block light from reaching parts of a panel and preventing the current from flowing efficiently. Preventing pigeons and gulls from accessing the area under and around rooftop solar panels is easier than culling them and removing the mess and debris they make. 

If you would like a quote contact us today to speak with an expert and book a no-obligation site visit call: 0121 351 6990 or email:

  • Doesn’t stand out – it is virtually invisible from ground-level

  • Can be installed without drilling and screwing preventing any damage to the solar panels

  • Can be secured with clips that won’t scratch the panels or fixed with a special adhesive

  • Can be removed to allow easy access for servicing

  • The highest quality mesh which will not invalidate solar panel’s warranty

  • We remove all bird debris & clean your solar panels

  • Fully accredited with the BPCA, CHAS, Safe Contractor and Construction line

Contact Betapest Midlands Ltd for solar panel bird proofing in Birmingham that will leave your property clear of any unwanted pigeons & gulls.
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