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Falconry Response in Birmingham

Birds of prey can be used as a method for bird control. If other bird proofing methods are impractical for your situation, a hawk and other birds can be used as a deterrent. Our birds are effective against:

  • Pigeons

  • Gulls

  • Geese

  • Other nuisance birds

  • In some cases, Rabbits

After a free initial site survey, we will be able to tailor a schedule of visits to suit your specific site and pest problem. 

Why Use Falconry Response


Falconry response is an effective method for a range of sites. Although each site is unique in its requirements, the initial survey will determine weather the birds can be used. 

Birds can be used where proofing is impractical, sites include public areas/ shopping centres, educational establishments (Schools, collages, universities), open courtyards, building sites, landfill, warehouses and factory sites, stadiums, open land/ farmlands.   

How It Works

Introduction a predator species in the area deters pest birds from the site and multiple visits prevent the nesting of future pest species. We offer 3 packages of visits:

  • One off visits, For nuisance birds where proofing would provide suitable control, a one off visit to clear the area prior to proofing can be done.

  • A series of regular visits, If your site has an issue with nesting birds, a series of scheduled visits close together early in the year will prevents birds from nesting on site (Recommended for Gull control).

  • Monthly visits, If your site has a recurring problem with pest birds we can schedule visits throughout the entire year to reassure the presence of a predator in the area (Recommended for Pigeons).

Falconry Response to Bird Proofing in Birmingham
Pest Control by using bird of prey in the Midlands
Contact Betapest Midlands Ltd for efficient pest control services in Birmingham that will leave your property clear of any unwanted visitors.
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