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Wasp Nest Advice For Window Cleaners

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Wasps can be a common hazard for window cleaners, particularly during the late summer months when a wasp colony is at its peak. British Pest Control Association (BPCA), is encouraging members of the Federation of Window Cleaners to be aware of the dangers posed by wasps and understand when to seek help from a pest control specialist. More than half of the UK is likely to be stung by an insect at some point in their lifetime. Most stings cause pain, redness and swelling. A small percentage can cause anaphylaxis – an allergic reaction that can be fatal. There are hundreds of stinging insects in the UK, but wasp and bee species are most likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Tackle a wasp nest safely

Using DIY products such as sprays on a small nest in spring can nip potential wasp problems in the bud, but are unlikely to be effective against larger, established nests.

For a nest that has become a nuisance or public health risk, BPCA always advises using a pest management professional with the technical knowledge, protective equipment and access to professional-use insecticides needed to tackle a wasp nest safely.

When threatened, social wasps can emit a pheromone which acts as a distress call to other wasps in the colony and triggers a defensive stinging frenzy.

Article provided by the British Pest Control Association

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