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Top 10 tips for preventing pests from your commercial premises in Tamworth

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

1. Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are a low-cost and effective way to maintain pests out of your trade in Tamworth.They hinder insects and rodents from crawling over little gaps below the door. Another good preventative idea is to seal all holes and cracks in walls and doors.

2. Keep Your Drains Clean

You must be cautious when throwing meal waste and scraps down your drain since it can attract pests to your commercial premises. Pest and rodents often search their way into your building through drains and you should always keep your drains clean and avoid throwing food waste down the sink.

3. Inspect Landscaping

Tamworth has lots of great countryside, however certain species of flowers, plants and trees can draw a variety of unwanted insects and wildlife. We advocate asking the local Staffordshire landscaping firm to play down the use of these types of plants and trees. Additionally, assure you remove uneaten pet or wild animal foods from around your grounds.

4. Keep Lids on Trash and Recycling Bins

If there exist any areas pests like to invade and conceal, it’s in trash and recycling bins. Traces of food waste can build up at the back and sides of these bins, even with the use of liners. Trash and recycling bins on your property have to have self-closing lids and should to be emptied repeatedly along with cleaning up any spillages or spills from around the bins.

5. Eliminate All Standing Water

Insects like mosquitoes are frequently found to be attracted to standing water. Rats and roaches are also drawn to moist regions since those are the best places for them to spawn and proliferate. In order to prevent insects and rodents, it is crucial to remove any sources of standing water from your Tamworth business and the area around it.

6. Minimise Rotting Food

Practice the First In, First Out rotation if you have a facility on your property for storing or processing food. That implies you should use everything you bring in first to cut down on the amount of rotting food you have on hand. Fruit flies are drawn to decomposing organic matter, therefore this is crucial for produce in particular.

7. Use rat and mouse traps to deter pests.

Mice and rats are destructive pests that can cause considerable damage to your business if they’re not controlled. Place rat traps in high-activity areas, these areas may include darkened corners, along walls, behind appliances and objects. Overall, traps can be used to eliminate rats and mice more cheaply, safely, humanely and effectively than poison baits.

8. Mop Heads

Although many Tamworth property owners are unaware of this problem, it exists. Fruit flies thrive in an environment with dirty or wet mop heads. Mop heads should be hung upside down so they can dry completely to avoid a fruit fly invasion. Another method to avoid insect issues is to change the mop heads on a regular basis.

9. Inspect your Rooftops

Being warm and damp, which are ideal circumstances for these critters to grow, some insects and pests are well known for hiding on rooftops. As a result, you need to check your roof at least once every six months. When inspecting rooftops, keep an eye out for any damage that would enable insect to thrive, as well as collecting water, filthy gutters, deteriorating seals around doors or rooflights.

10. Moisture

Due to the fact that pests love moisture, if there is a lot of it trapped in a space at your business, it may cause problems. Installing a commercial-grade fan at your facility will help you avoid this issue. This device will aid in maintaining the area's dryness, keeping pests out of your business.

If you have any concerns regarding pest control and preventative pest control at your business in Tamworth then we would be happy to do a site visit. Contact us a Betapest Midlands on 0121 351 6990 or email us at


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